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Parent- Toddler Classes

Parent-Toddler Classes

Walking to children under 3 years old.

Lily Montessori Parent-Toddler classes are a chance for parents to spend quality time with their young children exploring the prepared Montessori environment and learning how Montessori methods can support them in parenting toddlers

Classes are once a week for one hour and fifteen minutes for a total of eight weeks. Topics covered:


  • Positive Discipline

  • Materials that support the development of language, movement, and independence

  • Early Toilet Learning

  • Sensitive Periods of Development


The cost of the eight sessions is $400. There is also a mandatory 1 1/2 hour orientation for new parents. Scholarships available to families in need.

"I loved this intro into Montessori and loved that it was a Mommy and me class so I could observe my child, I've learned so much from Mrs. Rivas! She is so knowledgeable and gives great advice on how to Montessori at home! Will definitely be returning and telling all my friends with babies!" -Michelle Vassilatos
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